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Kate Is At The Head Start Learning Conference in Tory Burch

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Kate is attending the Head Start Learning Conference this morning, according to the Anna Freud Centre. The charity, of which Kate is patron, tweeted out this photo (which I saw because James Whatling retweeted!) just an hour ago. 

The Duchess is wearing her Bettina sparkly tweed coat from Tory Burch. This is a recycle, and you will recognize it from her trip to NYC where she paired it with J.Crew maternity twill skinnies:

It appears that Kate is probably wearing the same dark turtleneck today, too.

The Anna Freud Centre's tweet said:
We are delighted to welcome our Patron HRH the Duchess of Cambridge to the #HeadStartLearning Conference. HRH is a committed champion of children's mental health and wellbeing and it is fantastic to have her here! @BigLotteryFund @kensingtonRoyal
As I say, this just came across my radar, and I will update with any further info that surfaces, or more pictures of Kate. Happy Thursday, all!

Kate Begins Her 2018 in Feltham Wearing Hobbs

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The first official engagement of the year always carries an extra dose of excitement and anticipation. We saw Kate at St. Mary Magdalene on the 7th wearing a cozy winter ensemble, but today is the official kick-off of the year, and Kate brought her A Game. 

If you love Kate and kids, baby, today was your day. There were adorable little ones everywhere and Kate was right in her element interacting with them all. These arrival photos are some of my favorites. 

Today, Kate was at Reach Academy in Feltham to see the partnership between the school and one of Place2Be's well-being programs. Reach Academy caters to kids from nursery to secondary school, so the Duchess was able to a get a sense of the program across the spectrum.


Kate is, as you know, patron of Place2Be, and has been working with the charity for many years. The Duchess visited with the children at the school and chatted with teachers and support staff. 

Some events lend themselves better to photos than others, and today just seemed like a lucky day, because there were so many picture perfect snaps:

Kate is known to be a dog lover, and she spent some time in the crisp January air visiting with a pup in training to be a therapy dog. Two unrelated comments while we are on this photo. One, does it look like Kate had her hair in a pony and just let it down, gave it some lift at the crown, and called it a day? I the only one who thinks Kate has trimmed her hair again? Say it ain't so! Kate, have you not heard our plaintive cries? Bring back the luscious locks of 2012. Even if just for a while. :) 

Even if she isn't growing her hair out, Kate did bring back the floral "Florrie" from SĂ©raphine. This might be Kate's most popular maternity dress among fans, and with good reason. The mix of blues and turquoise is such pretty color scheme on Kate, and the empire waist designed for her figure skirts some of the problems we have with the off-the-rack pieces Kate sometimes tries to adapt. Kate wore this dress twice while pregnant with Charlotte, so this is its third wear. 

Kate has removed her coat each time she has worn this dress, which makes me think she really likes it, and feels pretty and confident wearing it. When people wonder why Kate keeps her coat on, my quiet response is, that's the outfit. She likes the coat, and the dress is, for all intents and purposes, just an under-garment. I definitely have ensembles like that.  This kind of day highlights that Kate can take her coat off, but only when that's the "vision" for the ensemble. As I say, a battle plan that has my full support. 

This morning she paired the dress with a new dark blue coat. This is Hobbs London's Gianna and it is absolutely gorgeous! I mean really, this coat makes my jaw drop. Its incredible "French navy" color and its beautiful According to the label's description, the coat takes inspiration from a traditional riding coat, and it is that very sharp tailoring that makes it work well with the princess's bump. 

Kate accessorized with her Muse clutch and wore her Georgia Jimmy Choos. Those sparklers at her ears are, of course, her sapphire and diamond drops. 

The verdict today is a big win. This "French navy" blue is stunning on Kate, and although (as many of you have noted) Kate sometimes strikes out trying to make a non-maternity coat work with her changed figure, this one really scored in my book! As I say, it seems it was the tight tailoring on top (and maybe just some fashion gold that we all strike every now and again), but it fit well and she looked trim and chic. This is a great start to 2018! 

Princess Charlotte's 1st Day at Nursery School

Monday, January 8, 2018

Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released new pictures of Princess Charlotte to mark her first day of nursery school! These darling images were snapped by Kate on the steps of the family's Kensington Palace home.  

I love these photos! And what a darling little uniform. Charlotte looks so sweet and ready for her first big day. Prince George, of course, started nursery school in Norfolk at Westacre Montessori. We got enthusiastic photos of him, too, as he headed in on his first day on January 6, 2016. 

I definitely see so much of the Queen in this picture! I think more Middleton will manifest itself in Charlotte as she gets older, but I think we will always be able to see that Charlotte is a Windsor. :) 

It is also amazing how fast she is changing, just in a few months. Just since we saw her in the summer, her face has matured and she looks older and more "grown up." I do hope we see more photos of the Cambridge children as time moves on. 

Kate and William Pictured at Sandringham Church

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I was just thinking this morning that it was high time for the first post of 2018 on the blog, and Kate obliged nicely. With just two days to go before her birthday, the Duchess of Cambridge was pictured this morning walking to St. Mary Magdalene Church in Norfolk with Prince William and her grandfather-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

I thought last weekend that we might get a peek at the Cambridges heading to church, but there was no sign of them on the 31st. It was New Year's Eve, and I think it is probable that Wills, Kate, and the kids were in Bucklebury with the Middletons, or even on holiday in Mustique. We generally see some travel pictures when the family slips away, but it is always possible they were able to get out under the radar, as they did for their ski holiday several years ago. I did hear that Pippa and James Matthews were spotted heading to Mustique, and although I didn't confirm that, if they went, I would bank on the rest of the clan having been there also. I wondered if they'd go to Mustique over NYE, because their regular holiday at the end of January will be preempted by the Cambridges' trip to Sweden and Norway. In any event, it is possible Kate is back from some fun in the sun, and she is looking happy and relaxed. 

This is her Moloh coat from Christmas 2014 while pregnant with Princess Charlotte. It's the company's Turpin Tweed and was described as having a Napoleonic flavor. I think it works really well with Kate's coloring, and contrasts nicely against the green backdrop of these Sandringham walks. 

Today, Kate accessorized with a new brown fur hat. It looks to be the same style as her grey hat from January 2017, and even the recent black one she wore at Sandringham on Christmas day. It could be borrowed from Carole or Pippa, who have similar hats (or maybe the same), but unless I am forgetting something, I don't think Kate has a dark fur like this. Her other brown fur has a divot pattern... So, I think this is either borrowed, or Kate just expanded her own collection. 

The Duchess also carried her Chanel purse we love so much, wore her sapphire and diamond drops, and her Tod's heels. I was very surprised to see the Chanel, and paired with the oxblood pumps, it makes me wonder what she is wearing underneath the coat. 

Kate also added fur cuffs to her coat, which I am really excited about. I saw cuffs like these on Rosie Londoner's Instagram in December, and I actually ordered them to give to my sister for Christmas. The ones I bought are from MANGO, and I am sure Kate's are a little more luxe, but they not only keep in the warmth, but they add a real touch of pizazz. MANGO might still have some in stock (no affiliate links here, just passing on a tip ;)) and I am sure you can find them elsewhere, too.

Pippa & James also joined the royals today
Happy 2018, All! I just got back from an extended stay with my family, which was wonderful, but hectic, and I am jumping back into the swing of things here. I am so excited that we got our first Kate sighting of the year today and looking forward to a great year of royal watching with you all! See you on the 10th (if not before), when Kate will visit Reach Academy.