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Kate in GOAT's Elodie & L.K. Bennett's Delli in Manchester

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

William and Kate made a joint appearance today as the couple attended the Children's Global Media Summit in Manchester. By the looks of the photos, they had a grand time. 

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived wearing a houndstooth patterned coat from L.K. Bennett. Apparently Donna Air has been pictured wearing the same coat, so perhaps Kate took some style inspiration from her? 

The coat is L.K. Bennett's Delli Check, and the Duchess paired it with another new dress from GOAT London! When I said this would be the GOAT London pregnancy, even I didn't realize Kate would take it this far. But this choice has delighted me. Notice the Elodie's darling "gathered funnel collar," and pleated sleeves.  Just enough sweet detailing to make this simple dress flirty and fun. 

She pulled the two pieces together with black stockings and accessories (her Tod's pumps and Bayswater clutch), and added a hint of sparkle with Mappin & Webb's Empress earrings. 

A video of Kate greeting little fans:

William revealed that prince George played the sheep in his school's nativity play, which sparked a million jokes about Love, Actually and the lobster. Doubtless a humble role, but hey, at least the lamb was at the nativity, which cannot be said of the lobster. I am sure George's costume was tons of fun to wear, too. Below is a picture of Prince Harry playing a shepherd when he was a little guy. I don't think we will see photos of George, but maybe someday they will be shared as historical shots.

Recently, William has been focusing quite a bit on cyber bullying, and the Duke gave a speech today about the concerns he feels as a parent surveying the digital landscape in which we now live. I hope William encourages parents to limit digital technology to their children even more, so that the young minds of the next generation can develop and form by interacting first and foremost with the natural world. Apparently, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates limited their children's access to digital devices because of the impact digital devices can have on mental development, which I think is very interesting. I am glad William is shining the spotlight on this area, because it is such a crucial concern for society. You can read his speech here

The verdict on Kate is definitely a win! The berry Elodie was sweet and fun and looked great paired with her black stockings, and I also enjoyed that she wore a chic coat, too. We got two separate looks today, which was a real treat. 

This is, I think, the last of the abridged posts as I am about to wrap up those deadlines I had. :) Looking forward to getting backing the swing of things here on the blog. On another personal note, prayers to all of you in southern California. I know it has been a harrowing and horrifying 48 hours, and that the winds are picking up again tonight. I am praying so hard for you, for the firefighters, and for your homes. 

Kate In A New Evening Gown for Diplomatic Reception

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Good evening all! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace this evening. It's the annual royal tease-fest, when we get just enough of a peek at the fancy clothes and glittering diamonds to whet our appetite, but not enough to satisfy. Oh well. Better than nothing! 

Kate's tiara, the Lover's Knot, has been her signature piece for several years now. It is an absolutely stunning tiara and Kate loves pearls, so it is a great choice in and of itself. Nevertheless, I think the connection to Diana, who made this tiara famous, plays a part in Kate's decision to make it her tiara, too. To me it is her subtle way of embracing her role as the future Princess of Wales. It is a very substantial and regal piece, with so much glamour and history. By wearing it so proudly, Kate seems to confidently embrace her role in the royal continuum, and the glamor and history she will write in her chapter. I really love that she wears this tiara!

Kate is wearing a new evening gown, which we can't see much of (per usual with the Diplomatic Reception), but it looks in lock step with Kate's preferences. Unlike her last bejeweled dress, though, this one looks like something I might really like. I hope it is an Empire waist with a flowing and airy chiffon skirt... Whatever it is, the pristine white with the sparkling diamond necklace (on loan from HM!) and her Collingwood Pearl earrings, I am sure she was absolutely striking tonight. 
You all have been asking about Pippa lately, well we got a bunch of pictures today. Pippa is an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation, and she was recently at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children as part of the Christmas appeal. She looks fantastic, and although I am not always on board with her ensembles, I love this skirt and turtleneck!

Seeing her in these photos reminds me how much I have missed seeing the Middletons around. It's been a quiet fall with Kate under the weather and down for the count. (Ring alert belong!)

Tonight was Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund Carol Concert, and Harry, Pippa, and Carole Middleton all attended, as they do most years. Obviously, William and Kate were otherwise occupied, but even when the Cambridges don't have the Diplomatic Reception, we haven't seen Kate at this Christmas staple in so many years. I love it for the opportunity to see Carole and Pippa, but...I do miss the old days. You can see pictures of the guests here

Comment Section Malfunction

Monday, December 4, 2017

I've been getting the emails and the messages that we've hit the 200 mark in the comment section, which means further comments won't load. I know it is very frustrating. Unfortunately, it is a problem that Blogger has had for a while, and there isn't much I can do about it. Disabling the thread feature would fix it (I hear), but that's just messy and makes it difficult to follow different conversations. Ultimately, despite the trouble it can be to get used to at first, I should probably switch us to a 3rd party platform. I will likely do that sometime this month. Until then...bear with me! 

Kate Spotted at King's Cross + Meghan Markle's First Public Engagement in Nottingham

Friday, December 1, 2017

As Harry and Meghan made their way to Nottingham this morning for Meghan's first public engagement with her prince, the Duchess of Cambridge was pictured arriving at King's Cross in London. The Duchess was keeping the chilly morning weather at bay in her new tartan coat (just debuted on Wednesday as she was pictured leaving Kensington Palace with her mom) and carried her Mulberry Polly Push Lock satchel.  

Although the Daily Mail didn't really have any details, it appeared Kate was meeting someone at the station that she knew. The third picture above shows her spotting and reacting to something, likely someone. In any event, she wore this Iris and Ink turtleneck to a Cub Scout meeting in December of last year:

Reader Cepe has told me that Prince William flew into Norfolk yesterday and the current guess is that the couple are likely taking off for Anmer Hall. In years passed, Kate has been pictured shopping in the little villages near her country home before Christmas, and most years the Cambridges have enjoyed taking their children to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular. Maybe all that gardening earlier in the week got Kate itching to get back to the country. She might also be planning to host Meghan Markle at her home over the Christmas holiday and therefore off to decorate and prepare? Hard to say. 

Daily Mail

Speaking of Meghan Markle... As Meghan carries out her first official engagement with Prince Harry today, many are pointing to Kate's visit to Anglesey in 2011 as her first royal appearance. But, Kate made her first public engagement as a royal-fiancée in Norfolk at the Thursford Christmas Spectacular on December 18, 2010.  

Meghan's debut is certainly faster than Kate's was, and certainly more "real engagement" than Kate's early forays, but that might have something to do with the fact that Harry is older now than William was when he got engaged. When William got engaged, both boys were still pursuing their "other" careers, and obviously now Harry has transitioned toward charity work. I don't think it is odd that they would make a public appearance so soon, and that it would be a full fledged public engagement.

Turning to Nottingham today... Used to Canadian winters, Meghan Markle wrapped up for her first day of official engagements in a Mackage coat, and wore a maxi skirt from Joseph underneath. The happy couple were super hands on throughout the day, which made for some great photos! 

I really enjoyed watching Kate on her first walkabouts, so I have pulled together video of Meghan doing her first royal walkabout! It is so interesting to hear an American accent in this context!  

And a quick photo of the couple with their coats off:

William and Kate have added a new engagement on the 6th, and I will keep an eye out for any further confirmation about Kate's trip.